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Monday, 24 September 2012

Go Go Gadget Arms!

Wilted Spinach, Pinenut and Ricotta Ravioli in a Simple Tomato Sauce

 Hubby swept me off for a romantic weekend in Bruges earlier this year where I visited the most beautiful cookshop and set eyes on a little gadget for making ravioli.  Gazing longingly, I wondered how my life could ever have been complete without it: such an oversight seemed as ridiculous as a life without the wheel.  I dreamed of dinner parties impressing guests with my hand-crafted Italian cuisine.  Fillings such as crab, spiced squash and even chocolate unfurled in my imagination. 

Packing my ridiculously expensive self-gift in endless layers of tissue paper and tee-shirts, I finally introduced it to my kitchen back home and carefully stacked it in the cupboard.  Week by week, it slowly worked its way to the back where it sat, lonely and forlorn, gathering more dust than a nun's gusset.

Last week I made an attempt to get in touch with my inner skinny girl and took a trip to the gym.  After 10 minutes on the bike, followed by 10 on the cross trainer, I felt ready to take on the dreaded treadmill.  A 3 minute walking warm up and then I took off like Roger Bannister around the quad at Oxford.  I managed a good 30 second sprint before I heard something pop and felt a searing pain shoot up my calf muscle.  I eventually managed to hobble back home where I sat with my leg on a bag of frozen split pea and ham soup feeling very sorry for myself.

Hubby stepped up to the plate and offered to cook dinner, suddenly brightening when he remembered the ravioli maker and realised that he would have the opportunity to take part in the inaugral outing of a kitchen gadget.  After some internet research, a rummage in the fridge and a trip to the shop, he came up with this impressive wilted spinach, ricotta and pine-nut ravioli in a simple tomato sauce.

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