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Friday, 26 October 2012

The Best Breasts in Inishowen

Roast Chicken with Apricot Stuffing wrapped in Serrano Ham

Travel anywhere in Donegal on a sunny Sunday and you will marvel at the hordes of cars parked outside hotels advertising a carvery.  Taking pride of place at each is the ubiquitous turkey and ham.  For me this will always conjure up memories of my teenage years working at a local Inishowen hotel for the princely salary of £1.50 per hour: endless weddings serving up dried out turkey and soggy vegetables; 13 hour shifts interrupted only by the dubious promise of a 'staff tea.'  If you thought the wedding meal sounded bad, imagine it after it has been sitting in an oven for hours, left to cool then microwaved to the point where it has less moisture than a stone in the Sahara.
In this recipe for Roast Stuffed Chicken wrapped in Serrano Ham, I  revamp this tired old favourite by replacing turkey with a more moist chicken, and adding apricots to the stuffing for a fuller, more interesting flavour combination. The thin Serrano Ham is delicately flavoured yet deliciously crispy as it hugs those breasts in a tender embrace.  I always make an extra chicken fillet and slice it up cold to make the most sublime sandwiches when Hubby and I go hiking in Glenveagh.

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